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Race descriptions

Post by Asch on Fri Sep 11, 2015 5:50 pm

Okay there are six races human, vampire, layrs, hybrid, elf, and orc. Each has certain things they can do. Abilities of each race are listed after the race description each race can use one once per post. So I'll start with humans. (elf and orc races get three abilities)

Human: Humans are exactly that human they are like us in the real world except with less tech. They are able to have five spells. Heightened senses or cure (the ability to "cure" a vampire, person must be willing)

Vampire: Okay so lets admit we have all seen at least some part of twilight well take that and through out the sparkle and emo stuff they are super strong super fast and hard to kill. When injured enough they will look as if they are dead but they are really just in a state of recuperation sort of like a coma. They are able to have four spells. on top of this all vampire's have the ability to turn any character from a different race into a vampire though they retain all their abilities and traits. This can only be done if the other is willing. They can't reproduce. Also a person wanting a character to be a vampire, but wants the looks of another has to befriend and get turned by a vampire. Disguise (able to look human) or turn (the ability to turn someone into a vampire )

Layrs: Okay so layrs are pretty much if you want to be part animal and part human, there are two types of layrs the type that turns into their animals and the type that keeps animal traits. They are able to have five spells. Um, yeah they only get one defined ability the other is up to the person. Animal traits/Animal transformation the player given power is based of off the animal.

Elf: Elves are the most magical of all the races though they trade in a Class B making them only able to have three weapons total they can have eight spells. Otherwise they have six. Voice of the wild (calls an animal to your side) or Camo (blend in with the trees)

Orcs:The Orcs are three times the strength of humans naturally though they are on par with them on speed. They are the anti-elves, they despise anything elven and hate elves.  They are able to have three spells, but are able to trade those in for being able to carry another Class A weapon and another Class C set. Voice of the savage (calls a savage beast to your side) or Berserk (goes into a rage that amps their strength up to 4 times as strong as a human)

Hybrids: This is pretty straight forward it is a combo of two of the other races (aside from Vampire) they get the amount of spells from which ever the fathering race is. Human five, layrs five, elf six, orc three. They can select one ability and two traits from each race. Though these abilities can't be the orc's or elf's trade in. (They are abilities but would be op if you could have them cause you could balance out the thing and get 8 spells and extra weapons) If the hybrid is of layrs then it gets two abilities of a layrs, one is the traits/transformation the other is the power of their animal form.

*(---) means side note

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